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TV coverage strong for Hronis grapes in popular Hollywood San Gennaro Feast of L.A.

Jimmy Kimmel's Aunt Chippy, gets grilled by Los Angeles Channel 5 reporter Allie MacKay, far left, on opening day of the San Gennaro Feast of L.A. Representing Hronis, from left, are Oriana Tavoularis, Gina Fanara, and Jenna Dora Soma. (Rice Agency photographs for Hronis, Inc.)

Comedian Adam Carolla, co-host with TV personality Jimmy Kimmel for the San Gennaro Feast of L.A., arrived prepared for a photo opportunity in the Hronis, Inc., booth with Hronis representative Oriana Tovoularis at the Prima Notte event which launches the three-day weekend Italian food and cultural festival.
Rocco’s Sangria, featuring fresh Hronis table grapes: One of the most requested drinks during the San Gennaro Feast of L.A.

Hronis grapes received
a huge welcome
at this year's
Feast of L.A.

Hronis table grapes integral to San Gennaro
Feast of L.A.'s most-requested drink!

KTTV Fox Channel 11's entertainment reporter, Courtney Freil had fun interviewing Hronis representative Oriana Tovoularis during Prima Notte, the event that leads into the 3-day festival. Other interviewees that aired with Oriana that night were actor Brian Cranston, and event co-hosts, TV personality Jimmy Kimmel and comedian Adam Carolla.

To the left and right of the table grape display in Rocco's 30-foot square bar during Feast of L.A., are two of the four 5-gallon sangria jars awaiting requests. The drink, which is made with Hronis table grapes, was highly requested during the event.

During the San Gennaro Feast of L.A. Prima Notte, Jimmy Kimmel, above, left, presented football great Lou Cordileone, above, right, and baseball’s Tommy Lasorda, below, with special San Gennaro Foundation Italian Heritage Award, honoring Italian Americans in Sports.


Hronis table grapes, here offered by Gina Fanara, representing Hronis, were offered to a wax effegy of Johnny Depp during a Hollywood media promotion of the Feast of Los Angeles before the event.

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AT THIS YEAR'S San Gennaro Feast of Los Angeles, the focus was certainly the amazing Italian food. Hronis, Inc., was pleased to be included again this year with our highly-requested Hronis Ranch table grapes. In addition to a huge number of requests for bunches of seasonal red, green and black table grapes, our grapes were also called upon as a key ingredient in one of the events’ most-requested beverages.

“It was a nice surprise to have our table grapes included as a featured ingredient in a noted Southern California Italian bar and restaurant’s Sangria drink,” said Pete Hronis, Hronis, Inc., vice president of sales and marketing.

Rocco’s Italian Kitchen and Sports Tavern in Los Angeles put Hronis grapes not only in Sangrias, but center stage, with banners and signage around its massive 30-foot square bar and numerous other beverage booths throughout the grounds at the event which is staged behind Jimmy Kimmel’s Hollywood television studio.

Hronis Ranch banners surrounded the huge bar and were highlighted at a number of smaller booths throughout the event staged behind Jimmy Kimmel’s television studio.

Jimmy Kimmel, with comedian Adam Carolla, is a co-host and one of the creators of the event which showcases Italian food and culture. The annual event draws 40-50,000 visitors each year for the three-day event and special Prima Notte night, held the night before the three-day event, Sept. 28-30, to launch the festivities.

As one of the major event sponsors this year, Hronis supplied more than 2 tons of its seasonal Autumn King, Scarlet Royal and Autumn Royal table grapes which were sampled or purchased by festival visitors at its two booths.

The main Hronis booth and representatives were included in interviews in both KTTV Fox Channel 11, with entertainment reporter Courtney Friel during Prima Notte, and KTLA Channel 5 promotions and coverage of the event. Most notable for the KTLA coverage was an interview by Allie MacKay with Jimmy Kimmel’s Aunt Chippy, one of the most pronounced promoters of the event, with an entourage of comedic, food and musical entertainers and suppliers. MacKay had fun with all in her interviews aimed at Southern California viewers leading into the event.

At the Prima Notte event, Sept. 27, this year’s theme celebrated Italian Americans in sports and featured special appearances by honorees on the Jimmy Kimmel Live outdoor stage, including football great Lou Cordileone and baseball’s Tommy Lasorda. Both were presented with the event’s San Gennaro Foundation Italian Heritage Award that evening. Musical and comedic entertainers highlighted stage performances and a variety of Hronis table grapes were available at center of each of the 50-plus tables for audience members to enjoy.

The San Gennaro Feast of L.A. event is designed to increase public awareness of Italian cultural and culinary offerings as a basis for the fund-raising. All proceeds benefit 40-plus civic and cultural organizations which benefit underprivileged and homeless children through the 501c-3 non-profit San Gennaro Foundation.

For more information on Feast of L.A. or the San Gennaro Foundation, here is a link to the website: http://feastofla.org/.



Here are but a few of the television cameras present for interviews promoting San Gennaro Feast of Los Angeles in Hollywood leading up to this year's event.



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